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Doing NaNoWriMo!

Thu Nov 5, 2015, 11:05 PM

Which is why I've been a bit quiet over here. Thought I'd promote it over here too since one of the main characters is Yokov :giggle: and the other is his (former) horse, a man named Snorer. :nod:
Chibi Yokov and Snorer by Zakuro-Konaby :iconzakuro-kona:
NaNoWriMo - Yokov and Snorer by dragondoodle
NaNoWriMo 2015 - Yokov and Snorer Part 1“Lieutenant Dell! Yokov! Sir! The Captain has been looking for you!”
Yokov opened one eye and looked at the young man assigned to sending messages. He must have run all the way from the palace if the sweat and general disarray of his clothing was any indication. Yokov stretched, yawned, and gave the black haired runner his full attention as he gasped and leaned against the very comfortable tree Yokov had been sleeping under just moments ago and he was reluctant to get up after such a pleasant nap. “You are going to wear yourself out before you reach your twenties, young man.”
“Please, sir. I need you to accompany me to the Captain’s office.” The young man was panting and yet looked incredibly twitchy to get going.
Yokov got up slowly, trying not to laugh at the look of panic on the young messengers face. “It can wait long enough for me to get that damn uniform jacket on, can it not?”
“Sir . . . the Captain says it is . . .
NaNoWriMo 2015 - Yokov and Snorer Part 2The travel for the first day was long but uneventful. Most of the time they simply rode and looked at the scenery. Yokov was in no real hurry so they stopped often to rest and to care for the horses in places that looked pleasant. The road wasn’t as well tended as most of the ones near the new King’s Capital, and even less well tended than the ones that were around the former Capital of Gaetan, but it was still wide enough for Yokov and Snorer to ride next to each other. Yokov explained to Snorer that this area didn’t hold a lot of interest to Gaetan in the past since there weren’t any goods and not many people. Their current King was more interested because it was closer to his own Capital and he felt a responsibility to keep what was near him in good order, at least that’s what Yokov understood.
The desert stretched off to the east of them and was visible from the road. It wasn’t a gradual shift but an abrupt change from forest to rock and then dee
NaNoWriMo 2015 - Yokov and Snorer Part 3It took the two of them longer than anticipated to find a suitable place to camp. Yokov had wanted someplace that could be used defensibly, preferably with a rock or cliff face that they could be back against to make it more difficult for someone to sneak up behind them. It was nearly dark by the time they came to a bend in the road that was necessary because a huge rock formation was jutting out where the road would have gone straight. It was formations like this one that made the stories of a great Gods’ War seem reasonable.
The rock in question was larger than Yokov’s house and it really did look like it had been thrown down with force, the dirt was raised around it from the power of its decent back to the ground. Who knew how deep it was in there but it was solidly part of the landscape now. Yokov declared it to be the best camping place to be found and they set up their camp against the flattest side. They didn’t have a view of the road but they were both more co
NaNoWriMo 2015 - Yokov and Snorer Part 4The Closed Eye was a large building with a sign that indeed had a sleepy closed eye on it. Arbeck guided them inside and made sure that the innkeeper gave them his best room. Soon Yokov and Snorer were lounging comfortably in their new room with a good meal and a comfortable fire burning.
“Snorer? Are you doing all right? You have been very quiet.” Yokov looked over at the tall man lounging on one of the beds. It was a single room with two beds but it was a good size and there were comfortable chairs and a big table for the food. Yokov had already started eating to try and deal with the buzz he’d gotten from the ale earlier.
“I haven’t had anything to say, Master. This is a strange place and it makes me feel uncomfortable. The sooner we leave the better I’ll feel about it.” Snorer shrugged and stretched. “I especially don’t like the secretive way Lord Jeesel is. It doesn’t make me trust him. I prefer Mayor Whitestone.”
NaNoWriMo 2015 - Yokov and Snorer Part 5Yokov heard voices. They were strange voices but there was also a familiarity to them that he couldn’t quite sort out. He didn’t open his eyes but he could tell that it was daylight. When had that happened? Snorer must have found a place to camp then, since he was also no longer in his saddle. But who were the people he was hearing? They were talking about him and Snorer, they were concerned but also arguing about how to deal with them. He felt incredibly sleepy but he knew he had to say something diplomatic to ease their obvious fears.
{We come in peace.} he slurred out in his native language, not quite sure why he used it and not King’s Common but there was something that made him think it was the right decision. The voices all stopped when he spoke and he could hear shifting and gasps of surprise.
{Wait, I understood that.}
{Can the blond one speak our tongue?}
There was more confused murmuring. Yokov’s mind was starting to gain more clarity. These people spo
NaNoWriMo 2015 - Yokov and Snorer Part 6Yokov sat on a chair that had obviously been made rather quickly, for it was wobbly and not exactly very attractive, but it was tall enough for Yokov to use the top of the table comfortably. The food had been wonderful and it was far more than he could ever manage to eat. He hoped that Snorer was getting treated at least as good.
Agny tapped on Yokov’s map, {This is where you were coming from, correct? Sun Eye?}
Yokov frowned at the dot, {Aye. That is where we were attacked. I was stabbed and Snorer was poisoned. The place is horrible and I plan on telling His High Majesty about it and its Lord Jeesel.}
{There is something wrong with that place. Our scouts came across some people with a cart from that town.}
Yokov was suddenly alert, {Traders? With a cart of vegetables and grains?}
{Yes. Why do you know of them?}
{I was told that they disappeared without a trace.} Yokov frowned.
{Well, they did in a way. They are here, with us. When they got their first look at us they begged us
NaNoWriMo 2015 - Yokov and Snorer Part 7Siglyn had agreed to show them where the former Sun Eye inhabitants were and help them negotiate. Yokov was just as glad to be speaking King’s Common with Siglyn, though her accent was at times worse than his. As they were walking through the camp, Yokov finally decided to ask a question that had been bothering him since Snorer had told him that Siglyn could speak it, “So, Siglyn, how did you learn King’s Common so quickly? It took me almost five years to be able to communicate properly.”
Siglyn smiled down at him, “It is part of my abilities. It is possible for me to learn the language of anyone I come in contact with, if they give me permission to take it from their head.”
“Take it from their head? That does not sound very nice.”
“It does not harm the person but it is a bit personal. I can learn other things that way as well which the person may not want anyone to know. I do not do it lightly and never without permission.” S
NaNoWriMo 2015 - Yokov and Snorer Part 8The morning dawned and Yokov thanked the Gods that it wasn’t cold enough yet for there to be fog. The weather had been very nice for the whole trip and Yokov was grateful for it. Perhaps there was something to this Gods’ thing. He shrugged and thanked Them again for the nice weather as he stretched and took a quick look at the fire. It had burnt down slightly but it was still salvageable. Reidalv was still awake and looking very stone faced, as usual, like the grumpiest statue ever. Yokov walked up to him and cocked his head. {All was well last night?}
{Aye. Not a peep out of the forest. I believe Snorer’s . . . ahem . . . snoring, scared off everything.} Reidalv nodded toward the still sleeping man who was making noises that sounded suspiciously like an entire grove of trees being knocked down by a large round rock.
{He is quite astounding. I thought it would get better when he was human but it just changed pitch. Smaller nose I suppose.} Yokov shrugged good-naturedl
NaNoWriMo 2015 - Yokov and Snorer Part 9Lord Artith got up slowly. It hadn’t gone exactly as he had planned but at least someone had touched the orb. That was all he needed. He’d watched Shok’Artel experiment with the orb enough to know the pattern and all he needed was one more person to touch it before he would be able to use it himself. Although, what had happened to the tall, white haired man had been a shock. He’d never seen the orb do that in all the time he’d been watching. He wondered if it was because it had been a complete accident. Everyone else had been either eager or at least coerced into touching the orb of their own free will, no one simply touched it without intending. Oh well, what mattered was that it had been done and now he could use the orb to make sure that this new High King would not take control of Gods’ Glass.
He looked at the orb and took a step back. It was glowing a color he had never seen, a bright and dangerous looking dark red. He paused. Perhaps he would w

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Caution Writer Stamp by mirz333

I'm thinking more about the histories of my characters and was wondering what you would like to see/read about. 

7 deviants said Tiernan and Rose (yes, they have a thing going :giggle:)
3 deviants said Aardrin and his brother Padraic
3 deviants said Why Rysta is claustrophobic
2 deviants said Calaen's childhood
No deviants said Something else! (comment)


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